Our company culture
We are an open minded, multicultural and multilingual company that is respectful to all people. We are friendly and well organized – in the relations to our customers and in dealing with each other. We live an open, appreciative relationship and meet each other at eye level. Our goal is to be successful as a team and to enjoy our work as much as possible.

Looking for new horizons
We design and advise worldwide. With realised projects in more than 35 countries, we travel a lot, and motivate and support you – if you want – to get to know the visited country better.
We organize company trips annually, often connected with the visit of a construction site of one of our current projects, lately to the Ruhr-Valley (2014), to Malta (2015) and to Bavaria (2016). We are active in sports (Rafting on the river Saalach 2017), participate in tournaments and city marathons. We offer you many opportunities to broaden your mind and also to experience your colleagues in a different environment and get to know each other better.

Promoting knowledge
Engineering expertise is also based on experience gained. Our senior experts support the team with their broad knowledge and experience. We transfer learned and experienced to the upcoming generation – members of the convex team teach regularly at the FH Joanneum University of Applied Sciences in Graz. We regularly publish articles in national and international journals and participate in conferences.

Improving your career
We offer our employees exciting prospects for their personal development. We regard our company as a platform for your professional self-realization – we promote talents and are open for the development of new business fields. We demand and support your further education. In consultation with the management, we enable you to perform branch-specific secondary professions.

Working and living
convex promotes the healthy balance between work and private life, so that you remain efficient and motivated in the long term. With flexible working hours, part-time work and the possibility of home office, we live the new world of work. We provide our employees with technologies and devices that enable them to work at any location with an internet connection.