We are a design and business consulting company in the field of civil- and structural engineering. Outstanding solutions, innovation and value characterise our work. As professional consultants we have a vast pool of technical expertise across the world, enabling us to achieve the best possible results for our clients.

Providing economical, innovative and co-ordinated solutions is of utmost importance to us. In doing so, the following guidelines are essential for us:

  • Providing objective performance and complying with the current state of art, applicable codes and regulations and any legislative requirements.
  • 3D Design with full orientation to BIM (Building Information Modelling).
  • Meeting budget and schedule requirements.
  • Using innovation, creativity and flexibility during problem-solving processes.
  • Working careful to minimise errors and damages.
  • Teamworking for the best possible combination of all individual competencies.
  • Highly motivated, independently acting and well trained staff.
  • World-wide networking with partners which have proven to be competent and reliable over many years.